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Workforce Creation Launches a New Disabled Forum


Welcome to Workforce Creation’s New Forum!


Why Develop a New Forum?

At Workforce Creation we have encountered many questions about many things from our interns and we dont have all the answers. In some cases feel that people with disabilities don’t have access to the resources and information that they need so set up the forum for people to ask and answer any questions about disability and resources available to disabled people.

Please join and ask or even answer questions if you know the answer.


Who Is The Forum For?

Anyone that has questions relating to disability or disability benefits. We hope to that anyone who has information and specialist knowledge will also join the forum and help close the information gap for our readers.


How Can You Access It & Where?

You can access the forum from our website;

Our Moderator

Robyn and Melissa disussing the new ForumRobyn McCauley is a Business Admin Assistant recruited to an Internship.

Our thanks go to Robyn who volunteered to moderate our forum because I think it will be a good opportunity to learn new skills such as organising and controlling the environment.

Why not join and help her grow her community? Join Disabled Forum

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