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The Difference Between Disabled and Normal

The Difference Between Disabled and Normal

There is much debate about how disabled people are treated and about how best we can work to make disabled people feel included as opposed to feeling socially excluded and when it comes to employment the facts speak for themselves as you are less likely to be invited for interview or get that job if you are disabled.  Proportionately compairing our young disabled work ready to our normal work ready success rates are much lower for disabled candidates than they are for normal candidates.

As you read this post you might think that my language of disabled against normal is not PC but infact its how disabled people are made to feel by us.  As I have progressed on this journey into training and employment for our young graduates who just happen to be disabled I have been fortunate to peer into the world of disabled and how we as a society make them feel.

One intern remarked

  “I just love it here because in here you make me feel so normal. Out there they make me feel  abnormal”

Upon hearing this it made me really sad but I pondered on….. We dont mean to make people feel abnormal but we do.  For me I think the lesson here is to treat everyone normally and equally.

The remark that has really changed how I think is when another intern said….

  “The difference between disabled people and normal people is that normal people just havent been diagnosed yet”

This initially made me laugh and everyone I have told it to laughed also.  Again, upon reflection I pondered on this….. Its actually very deep because you could just be gliding along in life feeling normal and upon diagnosis and becoming disabled you whole life would then change.  Interesting!




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