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Technology Helps – Life Skills Training – Delivering Since 2013

Technology Helping Us to Achieve Inclusion and to Increase Independence



When we set out with our pilot in 2014 trail blazing our new approach and facing many obsticles we would never have believed just how effective we would be. Many have followed our approach since.

We have gone from strength to strength thanks to the input from our clients who have really seen the benefits of our work becoming more included and less isolated and where confidence and self belief has increased ten fold. We are highly rated by our clients.

We are now getting ready for our next phase and really looking forward to providing Life Skills Training and wonderful experiences.  Drop us a line if you want to be involved.  Our next project starts in October 2018.

You can contact us at telling us you would like to register for FREE Life Skills Experience and we will be in touch.

PS. Dont forget to leave your name, email, mobile number and your age and tell us that you want to enrol.






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