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Technology Helps – Life Skills Training – Delivering Since 2013

Technology Helping Us to Achieve Inclusion and to Increase Independence     When we set out with our pilot in 2014 trail blazing our new approach and facing many obsticles we would never have believed just how effective we would be. Many have followed our approach since. We have gone from strength to strength thanks to the input from our clients who have really seen the benefits of our work

Workforce Creation Launches a New Disabled Forum

  Welcome to Workforce Creation’s New Forum!   Why Develop a New Forum? At Workforce Creation we have encountered many questions about many things from our interns and we dont have all the answers. In some cases feel that people with disabilities don’t have access to the resources and information that they need so set up the forum for people to ask and answer any questions about disability and resources

Get Your FREE Website Today – Offer Ends 30th July 2015

  Request a Free Website   In some cases we design and host a FREE website for smaller orgs or new starts where they might not be able to afford online capability. This provides us with material for the trainees and helps boost our community too. Just complete the form below to establish if you can have a website designed, hosted and marketed by us for 1 year. There is