Workforce Creation is an innovative initiative utilising the latest technologiesRegister For A Service or Domain (T&Cs Apply)

Our Mission Statement:

Primarily we aim to provide a positive environment for people of working age with physical and learning disability to increase independence prospects through the promotion of equality and diversity and to increase the capability of businesses by harnessing digitalisation to provide online business support.

How We Do This – Our Objectives

  • To provide online business support services across markets.
  • To provide support through our team to encourage our participants to become involved in all aspects of life.
  • Providing a Person Centred approach to help us get the best from our participants.
  • For recent graduates we do this by delivering the advancement of education of a technical nature for young clients with physical and learning disability by supporting them to achieve beyond expectations in terms of up-skilling and technical skills and to ultimately increase their chances of sustainable employment and independence,
  • For older candidates we do this by offering work placement training,
  • We also aim to utilise genius and add benefit through the voluntary and third sector community by offering other technical services at subsidised rates.  In some cases we offer this for free depending on status of the organisation and in most cases we will provide this at a subsidised rate.

To find out more about our philosophy and objectives please visit our About Us page.