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Our Board

Our board members are trustees who operate through a mandated constitution.  All of our board roles are voluntary and all of our board members contribute their time, effort and passion as trustees on top of their day jobs and free of charge.

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Mrs Karen Laing


Karen is the founder of the Social Enterprise after designing and delivering a very innovative training model through her consultancy.  Karen is an executive professional and a qualified accountant specialising in compliance and has an extensive background in project managing business development and improvement with particular expertise in driving governance, systems development and change management and has been involved in some of the most complex projects  across the UK wide and internationally improving governance and implementing systems and frameworks.  Karen is a mother and grandmother and devotes her time to helping change the way we work and think.  Karen also serves on the Board of Social Firm Scotland and is an active member of GSEN.


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Mrs Christine Bilsand


Christine is married with two grown up sons and has worked in education for 15 years. Christine is keen to support throughout her community and works tirelessly to help those in need of support.

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Mr Jon Degnan


John is from the financial sector and is a family man with a keen interest in the arts.

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