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Our Services

 Online Capability

As a business we offer highly technical and sought after online capability from domain registration, web design, data base development, app development and other bespoke software development to help businesses harness technology.


Technical Training  – Help for Disabled Graduates

Workforce Creation is a Scottish Social Enterprise providing high quality Technical Internships and work placement for recent graduates with physical and learning disability in their required discipline  most of whom are highly educated and who in most cases have never had the chance to be independent or to work at removing barriers to inclusion.


Funding Our Internships

Through our internships we are tapping into genius in some cases. We also work innovativly to offer work placement and paid employment to people who face disadvantage generally.  We do this in partnership and we aim to offer this as a paid place.  Ultimately we aim to fully fund all of our placements through selling our online services but in the short term we do this through fundraising and through the generosity of our partners.  Through our work we help remove employability disadvantage faced by our employees.


Our Internship Model

We currently licence The “A ” Team Technical Internship © 2014-2016 as this is an innovative approach aimed at upskilling and helping our beneficiaries to become more independent in a holistic way.


About Us

See our About Us page to learn more about what we do.



View our Recruitment page to find out about our up and coming recruitments and to establish timelines.


Technical and Business Related Support

Our secondary activity for the long term is that we will provide technical development and online business support services to other 3rd sector organizations at a subsidised rate.  This provides real life material for our students and adds value to the community.  This will allow the Social Enterprise to sustain itself.


What We Sell and Our Freebies

We provide online service development at subsidised rates and we can also provide other business related services such as set up services for new starts and outsourcing of admin should you require it.
We offer smaller orgs and new starts the opportunity to obtain online capability FREE as this provides us with material for training and ultimately there is a small servicing charge only.  To find out if you qualify go to our Contact Page where you can complete A Request A Free Website Form.  Or contact our Customer Support using General Enquiries to find out more.



We deliver our primary services and secondary services in partnership and we welcome new partners where we have the same ethos and philosophy.


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Terms and Conditions

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