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Employee Of The Month April – Assistant Trainer John Watson

Employee of The Month April 2015  – Assistant Trainer John Watson Workforce Creation recruits disabled graduates and employs them through Technical Internships in Web Development and Business Administration.  We offer a career development for our interns and aim to remove employability disadvantage through our “A Team Technical Internship”. As part of our recognition process our peers vote monthly on who has contributed and excelled in the role and within the

Please Support Us – Donate

Help Us Sustain – Sponsor an Intern or Build a Job   We are a new Social Enterprise offering paid educational employment for young disabled young men and women who are usually graduates. Our ultimate aim is to sustain our organisation by offering online capability such as web and other online capability. We do this in some cases for free and for larger more established orgs we provide our service

Current Vacancies – 26 wk Technical Internships Web Development and Business Administration

Current Vacancies We are currently recruiting for our next technical internship with The A Team Technical Internship ©.  The paid posts available are Web Development and Business Administration. We provide a career development service as part of the internship. These posts are specifically aimed at young graduates with disability usually between the ages of 18-30 who perhaps havent had the chance to experience relevant employment.  We up-skill and hopefully develop

The Difference Between Disabled and Normal

The Difference Between Disabled and Normal There is much debate about how disabled people are treated and about how best we can work to make disabled people feel included as opposed to feeling socially excluded and when it comes to employment the facts speak for themselves as you are less likely to be invited for interview or get that job if you are disabled.  Proportionately compairing our young disabled work

Dedication and Attention to Detail – Our Shaun

Dedication and Attention to Detail We all know how important dedication and attention to detail are and for specific projects its vital but sometimes hard to find. Recently one of the internees announced that he had painted a 20 foot mural of the Titanic and it sounded impressive.  Shaun is rather artistic and although training and working as a Web Developer Assistant he is always first in line to volunteer