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Employment Opportunities Through Workforce Creation Technical Internship

Our Technical Internship

Workforce Creation is a newly formed initiative 100% staffed by people with physical or learning disability and where there are perceived barriers to work.

This initiative is for all people with disability who wish to access our services and take part in our effort.  They can do this through volunteering or through our recruitment process as vacancies arise.

For our educated with disability we aim to remove disadvantage through our Technical Internship model which is based on the innovate pilot undertaken by Imteqpro and nominated as innovative project of the year and employer of the year.

We offer Technical Internship Foundation and Advanced level for Glasgow based recent graduates. These posts are employed posts and internees will experience both practical and theoretical learning during their internship.

The objective of the Technical Internship is to up-skill and to increase the chances of employment in their chosen field.  We aim to retain a % and in some cases help to find full time work where the internee is motivated and where we consider that they are ready.

To find out more please visit our Recruitment page or contact us direct.  To find out how to contact us visit our Contact Us page.

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