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Help Us Sustain – Please Donate



Sustaining Our Business

We are a newly estalbished Social Enterprise and Social firm with the objective of sustaining ourselves through selling our services. Embedding takes time so in our first 18 months we need support. Can you help?


Sponsor an Intern or Build a Job

We are a new Social Enterprise offering paid educational employment for young disabled men and women who are usually graduates. Our ultimate aim is to sustain our organisation by offering online capability such as web and other online capability. We do this in some cases for free and for larger more established orgs we provide our service at a subsidised rate.

Our Performance So Far

To Date we have up-skilled and created 40 jobs for a young disabled person putting them on a career path with a target of 100 within our first year. Our retention rate during internships is 99.5% and we seek to help those who are ready to get into sustainable work with us our with one of our partners.

As we are establishing in the first 18 months we need your help to help us sustain to achieve our objectives. You can help us by donating equipment or even contributing to help create a job for an intern.

How You Can Help

You can donate from £5 to build a job or £500 to cover 10 weeks training or even £5 towards software and equipment. Our ultimate aim is to fund a job for 6 months (£2,912). Every little helps us achieve our aim.

How To donate

To donate please just click on the donate button below where you will be taken to a secure area. Please specify what you want your donation to be spent on whether building a job, computer equipment, training or social events for interns and staff. Socialising is a big part of what we do as part of an interns journey.


Help Us Sustain – Please Donate


Other Ways to Help

If you think you can help by donating technical equipment please contact us on Thank you.