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Dedication and Attention to Detail – Our Shaun

Dedication and Attention to Detail

We all know how important dedication and attention to detail are and for specific projects its vital but sometimes hard to find.

Recently one of the internees announced that he had painted a 20 foot mural of the Titanic and it sounded impressive.  Shaun is rather artistic and although training and working as a Web Developer Assistant he is always first in line to volunteer for any creative or artist type projects.  We aim to utilise potential and so we encourage Shaun where possible.

When he showed us the mural it was impressive but I wasnt ready for what came next.  Shaun had actually videod himself doing the painting and it had taken 2 years to complete.  He then took the footage and cut this to 9 minutes…. Now this in itself is art. Please click the link below to see Shauns project of The Titanic.  We think he is fab and that its fab!

Shaun Semple – The Titanic

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